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Leftseine Design Co., Ltd. was established in 2000s. We are Design Company that helps global enterprises into the overall planning all over the world, to transmit Corporate Identification System (CIS) with Two Dimensional (2D) Modeling Computer Aided Design (CAD) Software. Under regional competition has been upgraded to global competition, what we do is counsel companies to optimize the trademark, and corporate specific style and culture permanently; we create brand value. In order to elaborate the benefits of CIS, we full penetrate from the brand, propaganda, web site design; media advertising applied to the display space.

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We cover various industries like, electronics, foodstuff, finance, transportation, trade, on-line purchases, retail and fashionĦKetc. Accumulated experiences and technology from improving processes, we continuously innovate and create higher value. We convert industries to be more user-friendly and competitive with the insight and sensitivity to the current market. Nowadays, market competitions become increasingly fierce for the instant change of environment, and the vicious competition in the same industries. We suggest keeping lower price is not a long-term strategy. Today's success is no guarantee that tomorrow's elites will not shake once the pace in the market getting faster. The best way to be sustainable trend in the future is to shape the corporate brand image and sophisticated creativity. Leftseine Design Co., Ltd. can effectively make the best fits according to the demand of various industries, optimize for most suitable trademark, and convert every industry own style and entrepreneurship in all levels. We actively offer creative marketing campaigns for each proposal, and make the great use of brand marketing for the enterprise to create more revenues.

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