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Leftseine Design Co., Ltd. was established in 2000. We are Design Company that helps global enterprises into the overall planning all over the world, to transmit Corporate Identification System (CIS) with Two Dimensional (2D) Modeling Computer Aided Design (CAD) Software. Under regional competition has been upgraded to global competition, what we do is counsel companies to optimize the trademark, and corporate specific style and culture permanently; we create brand value. In order to elaborate the benefits of CIS, we full penetrate from the brand, propaganda, web site design; media advertising applied to the display space. Leftseine Design Co., Ltd. provides services like: CIS design, VI design, CI design, CIS Industry Identification System design, brand design, logo design, propaganda design (business card, envelope, and notepaper), mural design, catalog design, package design, web site design, window display design and display space.


CIS (Corporate Identification System) assists companies build brand, from logo, propaganda (name-card, envelope, and notepaper), web site, products packing, display spaceĦK etc. CIS design overall infiltration and strategy marketing is helpful for visual extension of the corporate image, and from the fierce market competition, then entering the international market. Brand building can mold entrepreneurship and strengthen the business trust; also overall and systematic planning enables companies to produce the power of Point.


Is web site design just put pictures together with advertising copies? Have you ever thought about such a site can bring corporate substantial benefits? Leftseine Design Co. uses special proceeding strategic marketing by reserved engineering techniques, such as, making the search optimization, user-friendly web site contours, developing the management interface background, layout design planning, and mending high quality but light weight images film-maker, and coding and database management. With comprehensive B2B and B2C humanistic design and visual layout design, we tailored for the customers to both corporate a complete image and reach the actual effects of producing the web site.

  Nike Window Display Design in TWN

Window display design and decoration can also show systematic brand images, and implement into each outlet store. Such ideas best described for chain management businesses across Taiwan or the design of display space. Window systematically design can not only reduce the additional cost, the most important is to enable our customers chain reaction then consistently enhance their visual impression. However, creative production normalized and quick construction team, are the key points for function of practical experiences and with each link scheduling mechanism.

  Chiate Bakery CIS Design

With a special shape-pineapple pastries outlined the brand visualization; we optimized the brand image into the 30-year-old traditional bakery packing. From brand design, web site design and management, propaganda design, overall products packing and gifts wrapped, mural design to 3-dimensional design for the fascia, we produced a coherent overall image linked to deepen customersĦĤ impression of the visualization and to achieve the maximum benefits of CIS Design.
  Danceshopper website design
CrystalDIY website design
Danceshopper website design
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