Leftseine Design Services

  • CIS Design (2 Dimensional toward 3 Dimensional Design)
    -Visual Identity Basic Combination Norms
    -Transactional Products Norms
    -Creative Design of Marketing Propaganda
    -Web Site Planning and Construction
    1. Optimized Trademark Images (Practicing CIS)
    2. Developed Management Database
    3. Network System Planning
    4. Online Consumption Analysis
    5. Virtual Hosting Leasing
    6. User-Friendly Interface Background Design
    7. Search Ranking Optimization (Reversing Tech: Key Words)
    8. ASP. net Coding (Multiple Languages Compiled)
    9. B2B、B2C Web Site Design

  • -Digital Image and Photography
    1. Indoor and Outdoor Photography
    2. Exclusive Image Processing Techniques: Segmentation and Compression,?? Optimized High Quality but Light Weight Web Images
    -Space Design and Arrangement
    1. Window Display Design
    2. Exhibition Design
    3. Show Room Design




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